Project Unnati

Diva D Foundation Indian has started a new project Unnati with Sur Rehbar foundation and NaariSamata. We have launched a training centre in Dakpatthar, Dehradun. The project as started with 20 ladies who showed interest in becoming self-sufficient by teaching them stitch work.

This course is for two months. It will be beneficially to underprivileged background women’s who will benefit from it.

On completing the course, each lady will get a certificate that will make them eligible to access various government schemes that help them to start their own business.

After completing their two-month course, they will get a one-month internship. In that period, interns will stitch products & those products will be promoted and sold by us to help them set up their businesses.

We heartily thank you, Language is Everything has sponsored the first batch of our project and helped 20 women’s to have a fresh start for their careers.